About the Portal

The Standards Portal is administered by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) and the  British Standards Institution  (BSI). The aim of the Standards Portal is to facilitate trade between nations.The Portal is independent from the SAC website and the BSI  website,and will separately provide mutually-developed content in English and Chinese.

The Standards Portal includes key information on standardization in China  and United Kingdom such as the conditions of each organization, relevant laws and regulations, catalogues of standards, information on standardization work, etc. The information will be translated into Chinese and English by SAC and BSI.Once the content has been reviewed,it will be posted.SAC and BSI will a proper update machanism to keeping the Portal up-to-date and uniform

Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC) is authorized by the State Council and under the control of AQSIQ to exercise the administrative functions and carry out centralized administration for standardization in China. While relevant competent administrative departments of the State Council shall be assigned the responsibility of managing the work of standardization within their respective professional sectors. The competent administrative bureaus of standardization in the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities and counties shall execute unified administration of the work of standardization in their respective administrative regions. The provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cites and counties are also setting standardization departments in their governments. The SAC execute business administration of those province-level bureaus of technical supervision and execute directive administration in the system of under province-level bureau of technical supervision.

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